• sdfgsdfg

    An icy moon mission
    to look for alien life

    Scientists now believe there's a very real possibility that the moons of Jupiter and Saturn could have life in sub-surface oceans. Let's see what's up there by raising funds for either a space agency or qualified private group to build and launch a robotic probe.

  • Software to fix
    glowing pet eyes
    in photos

    Countless great photos of people's pets have been ruined by glowing eyes caused by flash photography. What if a website or app was developed that could automatically fix these photos, with little to no effort required by the user?

  • Robot Snow

    Everyone hates shoveling snow. It's tedious, backbreaking, and even a health threat. It doesn't seem like something we should still have to do in 2017. Why can robots vacuum our floors but not clear our snow?