What Does the World Need?

Crowdfund a cash prize for anything you want to see get done in the world, and keep a bit for yourself. Let the Internet follow up on the great ideas you don't have the time, expertise, or resources to take on yourself.

Launch A Prize

1) Tell the World

Create a prize by describing what you want to see created, whether it's an invention, product, service, software, research, discovery, action, art, non-profit, etc. Creating a prize is free, and takes just minutes to do.

2) The World Chips In

People from all over the world can then pledge prize money to get this thing done! Donors are only charged after the prize is officially won, and can cancel their pledge anytime.

3) Teams Apply

Teams then apply for the prize, providing either proof of accomplishment or a detailed proposal on how they'll achieve the prize's goals. Teams may also offer rewards for different pledge amounts.

4) Vote on Winner

Donors vote on which team should win, with 1 vote per dollar pledged. If no team has 50% of the vote, there's a final up or down vote on the team with the most votes. If no one wins, donors aren't charged.

5) Take Your Cut

Prize creators can elect to keep a small percentage of the prize for themselves (up to 10%) if they feel they're bringing a lot to the table (a novel idea, in-depth planning, schematics, source code, etc.)

An Icy Moon Mission to Look for Alien Life

Scientists now believe there's a very real possibility that the moons of Jupiter and Saturn could have life in sub-surface oceans. Let's see what's up there by raising funds for either a space agency or qualified private group to build and launch a robotic probe.

Firefighting Drone Blimps to Put Out Wildfires

Each year wildfires cost us billions of dollars in property damage & firefighting expenses, and cost the lives of many people. Could an automated fleet of drone blimps be used to safely extinguish wildfires?

Robot Snow Removal

Everyone hates shoveling snow. It's tedious, backbreaking, and even a health threat. It doesn't seem like something we should still have to do in 2017. Why can robots vacuum our floors but not clear our snow?

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