Tell the World About Your Idea

Give us a convincing overview of what it is you want to see created – whether it’s an invention, product, service, software, research, discovery, action, art, non-profit, etc. If you have detailed technical information you want to share, consider attaching it as an addendum document below.
In clear and concise language, list the concrete goals the winning team should achieve. Prize donors will use this list to help them decide on the winning team.
You can elect to keep a small percentage of the prize for yourself - between 1 and 10%. If you want to keep more than a few percent, then you really ought to be bringing significant contributions to the project, such as a very novel idea, in-depth planning, CAD files, source code, schematics, etc. If donors feel that you are keeping an excessive amount of the prize for yourself, your prize will be less likely to receive donations.
You'll need to allow enough time for pledges to accumulate to attract teams to the prize, as well as time for the teams to do research and development to achieve the prize's goals.
This will be displayed on your prize page, so just leave it blank or use a pseudonym if you want to remain anonymous.
Your email won't be displayed on your prize page or shared with any third parties.
Give us one or more photos to help paint the picture, or attach technical addendums, CAD files, source code, etc. If you have more than one file, please attach a zip or other archive file. If your file is more than 40MB, you can just email it to
It can often be helpful to create a video to display on your prize page that gives potential donors an overview of what it is you would like to see created.