Active FuturePrizes

Here's a list of all of the prize competitions currently open on FuturePrize. Just click below to find out more about each prize, or you can learn how to launch your own FuturePrize here.


An Automatic Stemmer for Music Sampling

The vast majority of music isn't released in stem format (separate tracks for vocals, drums, bass, guitar, synth, etc.), which makes sampling or remixing most tracks difficult to impossible. What if there was software that could automatically "extract" stems from a song?


Discovery / Research

An Icy Moon Mission to Look for Alien Life

Scientists now believe that the moons of Jupiter and Saturn could very well have life in sub-surface oceans. Let's see what's up there by raising funds for either a space agency or qualified private group to build and launch a robotic probe.



Robot Snow Removal

Everyone hates shoveling snow. It's tedious, backbreaking, and even a health threat. It doesn't seem like something we should still have to do in 2017. Why can robots vacuum our floors but not clear our snow?

Firefighting Drone Blimps

Each year wildfires cost us billions of dollars in property damage & firefighting expenses, and cost the lives of many people. Could an automated fleet of drone blimps be used to safely extinguish wildfires?


A 50 Year Plan to Stop Climate Change

This prize is to be awarded to a nonprofit with the goal of lobbying for a single law: "A 50 year tax holiday on all profits from either the generation of carbon-neutral energy, the manufacture and sale of equipment that generates carbon-neutral energy, and the licensing of patents pertaining to carbon-neutral energy generation."



A program to fix glowing pet eyes in photos

Countless great photos of people's pets have been ruined by glowing eyes caused by flash photography. What if a website or app was developed that could automatically fix these photos, with little to no effort required by the user?