Tell Us How You Have or Will Achieve the Prize's Goals

An overview of what you’ve either created or intend to create. If you have detailed technical information you want to share, consider attaching an addendum document below.
In clear and concise language, list each prize goal and how your project has or will achieve them. This will help prize donors decide if you should be the winning team.
Depending on the nature of the prize, you may want to offer prize donors “rewards”, or small gifts, for pledging a certain amount. You’ll only be expected to deliver on these rewards if you win the prize. If your rewards are physical objects, be sure to account for both domestic and international shipping when setting your rewards levels. Also, be sure to tell donors how long it will take for you to deliver their rewards after you are awarded the prize.
Give us one or more photos to help paint the picture, or attach technical addendums, CAD files, source code, etc. If you have more than one file, please attach a zip or other archive file. If one of your files is more than 40MB, you can just email it to
Give us a link to a YouTube video describing your team’s project. This can be very helpful in explaining your project to donors.
You can specify a minimum amount of prize money that will need to be raised in order for you to deliver on your promises. You can lower or raise this amount later on if you want. If your minimum prize amount isn’t met, your team will not be eligible to win the prize.
Give donors an overview of either your organization’s or key team members’ backgrounds and qualifications for taking on this project.
The contact person for your team. This will be displayed on your application for donors to see.
Your email won't be displayed on your prize page or shared with any third parties.